Redoxy serum is a new product or service from Return Legacy Malaysia. It was launched to the sector of South East Asia since March, 2014. Redoxy serum can be applied from head to toe, and is suitable for males and girls, previous and youthful, and even toddler and expecting women of all ages. You may well be interested on the elements and engineering that infused in this serum which can assist individuals to fix a ton of pores and skin complications.

Redoxy serum is composed of 9 big capabilities they are hydrating, boosting, repairing, rejuvenating, brightening, firming, penetrating, anti-aging and reverse-oxidation. Her big 11 ingredients are milk peptide, hyaluronic asid, allantoin, salmon peptide, alpha lipoic acid, collagen, expansion components, ascorbic acid, kojic acid, vitamin E and hydroxylated lecithin. The formulation of these components is from France place. Besides these typical substances, Redoxy serum is infused with micro-mineralized nutrient technological innovation (MMNT) from Japan!

What is micro-mineralized nutrient technological innovation (MMNT)? This technology has 3 key features when it is infused into Redoxy. To begin with, this technologies is equipped to fracture the molecule of nutrition into micro and shut to nano particles. When the particles of nutrients switch out to be quite micro, our skin can take in the vitamins simply and this guide to superior performance of Redoxy serum. How to evidence that the particles of nutrient within Redoxy are incredibly micro? A uncomplicated demo is to utilize and rub this serum underneath a person’s arm, and you will see changes materialize on her confront. Of course, rubbing Redoxy on the arm, variations materialize on the confront! The modifications on confront incorporate lessening baggage beneath the eyes, lessening nasolabial folds, firming the skin of experience and often firming the breast. These modifications can occur in just a person minute!

The 2nd perform of MMNT in Redoxy is reverse-oxidation. We heard about anti-oxidation, but what is reverse-oxidation? Let’s have an apple for our experiment. Immediately after we reduce an apple, and depart it in the open air, it turns into yellowish shade mainly because of oxidation, suitable? If we would like to avert the apple from oxidation, what we usually do is to wash with salt drinking water, and this is anti-oxidation. Can we transform the yellowish apple again to the new phase? MMNT technology can do that! This reverse-oxidation capacity make Redoxy stand out from the crown and become an exclusive cosmetic product or service that can reverse-ageing. Redoxy can transform an getting old face to more youthful on the lookout facial area!

The third function of MMNT is to neutralize chemical components. Hence, Redoxy is cost-free from chemical and extremely secure to be used on baby’s skin and pregnant women. It is secure to use on delicate pores and skin and equipped to improve the situation of the skin. The best results can be acquired if Redoxy is utilized collectively with a further toner named H+.

As a summary, micro-mineralized nutrient technological innovation (MMNT) is a breakthrough technology in cosmetic marketplace today. Japan’s scientific researches verify that MMNT technology will bring a large amount of miracles to all individuals, and will even more enhance the well being of human beings.